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Mammal Monday 29: another rodent

Admittedly, I showed this pic before, albeit with a different focus. Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), albeit a white, laboratory one. scroll down for the picture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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they caved – victory is mine!

Remember the rental car company trying to screw me?  Part 1, part 2. Today I received the letter in which they folded and slunk back into their dirty hole! How did I achieve this? First of all, by being right … Continue reading

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The Ozeaneum in Stralsund part 4

Yes, you’ve suffered through enough of this – but don’t get your hopes up, I have some more photos for a final part. And 200+ photos more of the old Meeresmuseum to post :D Here’s the link list for the … Continue reading

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Botany photo break

Summer finally arrived in Germany, and I used yesterday’s sunny weather to take some photos of plants and insects in our garden. Mainly because I wanted to see if the many hints and tips on photographing these things I found … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 27: The Food Thief – an avian drama in two acts

Cast thief                              Corvus cornix aggrieved owner       Tachyeres pteneres Location: Tierpark Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, enclosure for Spheniscus humboldti and Tachyeres pteneres. Act 1 T: quack! hiss. (Yo, punk! That’s my bowl, git off it!) C: [gulps down more food] T: QUACK! Hiss … Continue reading

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Pigeon sex – more than one male wants a go

When I arrived at the meeting point in Teruel for the bus departure to the EAVP 2012 field trip I witnessed this: pretty rough! Theropods are not really kind to each other.

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Tortoise sex – she wants no part of it

or why you should not have food hanging out of your mouth when hitting on a girl. so here he’s making good progress….. but:

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Mammal Monday 28: zoos have more animals than they think!

and here is one of them: I bet the Striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) is not on the list of animals kept at the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde in Berlin. It does, however, inhabit the sally gate into the wallaby enclosure. in … Continue reading

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Berlin Archaeopteryx

Dave Hone posted a link list to his own posts with Archaeopteryx in them. A very handy thing to have, as Dave has the best archive of online photos of the beast. What he doesn’t have is close-ups of the … Continue reading

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The Ozeaneum in Stralsund part 3

After two posts of architecture, whale skeletons, plastic models and stuffed animals, it’s finally time for some live animals! The Ozeaneum has plenty of aquaria, but I only have a handful of OK pictures, mainly because I was pushing a … Continue reading

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