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Theropod Thursday 42: weird nostrils

One thing I just can’t get enough of is close-up photos of bird heads. Some of them are so outlandishly weird (especially the beaks) that I’d never believe they existed if I only saw a drawing. And some of them … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1.14: spineless @ Hauff

This series of posts on the Palaeontology of SW Germany, where I grew up, has gotten a bit longwinded and confusing. Therefore, I’ll give you a linklist to those parts dealing with the Urweltmuseum Hauff. Introduction “rock stair”, bio- & … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 44: nah, it ain’t cold!

Last week I spent a great day at the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde with my colleague Dave Hone (him of Archosaur Musings‘ fame – he is currently posting about his Berlin trip, so head over there, too).It was a cold day, snow … Continue reading

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Zion National Park part 2

Before I get this post about my Zion NP visit started let me first link a few very handy sites for the park. Here is the National Park Service homepage for Zion NP, on which you can find all you … Continue reading

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Zion National Park part 1

Finally, I am getting around to posting properly on my visit to Zion National Park (wiki) last summer. Previously there was a teaser post, which to my utter surprise sees a lot of visitors, and I just posted a bunch of … Continue reading

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On the way to Zion National Park

Today, I am interrupting the irregular series of posts on the Posidonia Shale for a few photos from last summer’s work trip to Utah. For one thing I need a break from all the Urweltmuseum Hauff stuff. Another reason is … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1.13: Hauff pterosaurs!

Finally, some non-marine animals :) The Lias does hold a few; those that fell into the sea include even a sauropod (Ohmdenosaurs). The vast majority, though, are pterosaurs. Sadly, most specimens are lightened with spotlights that make photography very hard. … Continue reading

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They just can’t get thing done

Inspired by a wonderful column by Harald Martenstein in the German weekly Zeit about the inability of Berlin administrations, construction and other coprorations to get anything done properly (much less in time), here’s my version of Depeche Mode’s “I just … Continue reading

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Using Hugin part 4: mosaic images

“What is a mosaic image?” people typically ask when I use the term. I explained it before, so I’ll just c&p: Mosaic images A mosaic is created by stitching (planar) photos together where each picture is taken from a different … Continue reading

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Palaeontolog of SW Germany 3.1.12: Hauff, Hauff, Hauff and no end in sight!

Ichthyosaurs was yesterday (well, last week), today it’s time for other large marine vertebrates of the Lias ε. Let’s start with Hauffiosaurus zanoni, a pliosaur. next up, Hydrorion brachypterygius. Much like Hauffiosaurus, it is pretty much a one-of… in fact, … Continue reading

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