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China 2014 part 1

My colleague Michael Pittman is a young, ambitious and smart researcher who has done some very nice work on tail stiffness in archosaurs. Now, Michael has a grant going for a project that expands on his previous work, and there … Continue reading

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Dinosaur mounts at the NHM L.A.: Camptosaurus

As I am writing this, more and more remarks on the general layout of the hall creep in. I promised to discuss the Camptosaurus next, and I am too lazy to remove those remarks and turn them into a post … Continue reading

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Dinosaur mounts at the NHM L.A.: Triceratops

In the previous post on the L.A. NHM I gave a quick all-around introduction. Now, it is time to take a closer look at some of the mounted skeletons, and talk a bit about how they are set up in … Continue reading

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Stegosaur photogrammetry – more WOW!

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Last year, I spent a great day at the RBINS (Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences), a day during which I took tons of photos. Of their Iguanodons, of their other dinosaurs, specifically of their Stan … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1.19: Hauff and still no end in sight

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. This part of the Palaeontology of SW Germany series has arrived at a deep low in the number of vertebrates shown, and it is time I fight my way through the rest of the spineless stuff … Continue reading

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Common cranes in the wild

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch. Yesterday, I had much better luck photographing birds in then wild than the day before. I got the closest I have ever been to Common Cranes and gulls in the wild – although I need to … Continue reading

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Paleontology of SW Germany 3.1.18: Hauff ammonites galore

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch. Last post on Hauff promised ammonites, the most common fossil you can find in the German Jurassic. Unsurprisingly, the Urweltmuseum has plenty, and in incredible preservations. I’ll start with a really rare and exceptional specimen. A … Continue reading

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