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Dinopic of the day 11: SMA beauties 1

When Hans-Jakob “Kirby” Siber re-opened the famous Howe Quarry near Shell, Wyoming, he did so in the secure knowledge that there was a lot of good stuff still in the ground. Today, some of that good stuff is on exhibit … Continue reading

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Mammal pic of the day 4: YAWN!!!!!!!

A tired Hylobates lar (Lar gibbon or White-handed gibbon) in the Tierpark Berlin. Awesome teeth!

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More dinopic of the Day 8

The administrative chaos at work and the fact that for the third time in a year my office phone doesn’t work and can’t be fixed leaves me little time for a post today. So you’ll have to be satisfied with … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 7: Steelosaurus

Admittedly, what I am showing today is not a real dinosaur. But still a very good mount. The coracoids could be a bit closer together, but the hands aren’t floppy, and the neck is S-curved. The trunk looks good, too, … Continue reading

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Slaving for someone else’s profit? Mike says NO!

Mike Taylor of SVPOW and Giraffatitan fame has published an article on why we should stop reviewing for for-profit journals in Time Higher Education. How this came about is described here. As an ardent fan of open access publishing I … Continue reading

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Mammal pic of the day 1: new mammal from Berlin

Here’s the reason for the blogging semi-hiatus: Lionel and his Mom are well! :)

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One sick dinosaur!

Yeah, I know, I promised not to repeat each and every new dinosaur find and story. But for the English-speaking world I believe I am before the wave, not after on this one. My colleagues Oliver Hampe and Florian Witzmann … Continue reading

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