Dinopic of the day 1: guess what?

The Dinopics category will see irregular posts of pictures about which there is not much to say, or for which there is so much to say that I don’t have time at the time of posting. Here’s the first, decidedly falling into the latter category: an especially nice specimen of Plateosaurus engelhardti (what else?), on exhibit at the SMNS.

P. engelhardti F33 from Trossingen

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7 Responses to Dinopic of the day 1: guess what?

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Very nice! Is that mounted vertically on a wall, or did you somehow manage to shoot down into a glass case? If it’s vertical, then they did an impressive (and slightly odd) engineering job in mounting that baby in a way that it doesn’t fall to pieces.

    • That’s right, this was mounted vertically on the wall. It is a fairly solid block, so the engineering feat wasn’t that enormous as it may look.

      Sadly, for the museum renovation and exhibition re-design (which, overall, was done very well) they moved it into a recess in the wall, and placed it flat on the ground, which hides more than it shows.

      I have a bunch of detail shots that I will post over the next few days.

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  5. Chris Shelton says:

    Heinrich, is this the specimen known as the “standing skeleton”?

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