More SMA Camarasaurus

Continuing from here, more of the Sauriermuseum‘s wonderful Camarasaurus “E.T.”. Below is a panorama image (*blush*) calculated from three pictures. Back when I took these I had a 35-135 mm zoom as the shortest lens for my camera. It produced horrible distortions at the edges at 35 mm, and still I could not get far enough away from “E.T.” to take a shot that showed the entire animal. That’s because the museum is located in an old industrial building (a spinning mill, IIRC), and doesn’t have large halls that suit sauropod dimensions. In fact, these pictures were taken from the best possible place. “E.T.” hangs high up on a wall, I guess the feet are 3 m off the ground. On the other side of the hall there is a gallery, so that I could take photographs from roughly the level of the belly and in perfect side view.

Sadly, and I have no clue as to why, all pictures I took at that visit are very slightly out of focus. Additionally, many are blurry because the SMA is not exactly well-lit. That makes for very impressive displays, and I really can’t fault the museum for trying to create an atmosphere that hides the building and emphasizes the dinosaurs.  It just makes taking pictures hard.

Here’s two more detail shots, the left foot and right hand.

and one of the few non-blurry pics: both hands, from a different angle.

I wish there was a way to CT scan this beast. A lot of bones are deformed, but in some cases we can expect the damage to be symmetrical, which means that it is possible to retrodeform a 3D model. And overall the damage is surprisingly moderate. It’d be great to have such a complete sauropod to play with!


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