Mammal pic of the day 2: Raising a lot of dust!

Three Elephas maximus females with a juvenile. Photo taken at Zoologische Garten Berlin.

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2 Responses to Mammal pic of the day 2: Raising a lot of dust!

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Interesting to see the baby on top of that rock — a rather precarious position to be in for a hefty animal vulnerable to falling damage. What would he have been doing up there? I can’t think of any practical reason (e.g. to reach food), so I can only assume he’s playing?

    • Hehe, they love to climb around and over things. That’s something I have seen quite often, what with the Berlin zoos having had so many elephant babies over the last few years. They stop doing it as juveniles, but the babies love it. I’ll post pics of how he got back down very soon.

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