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The Berlin zoos part 1: Tierpark Friedrichsfelde

Sometimes, Berlin can be confusing for visitors. The city has two zoos, located far apart, plus a part of town names Tiergarten, which literally translates to “animal garden” – sounds like zoo number three, but isn’t. There’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Even more Dinopic of the day 1

the rest of the useful pics of F33 – sadly I only had a pretty bad digital camera available back than, one that had real trouble focusing through the glass. F33 in dorsal view, anterior trunk. Note the vertically places … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 3: it’s ALIVE! and beautiful

Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) at the Tierpark Berlin. Berlin has two zoos, which have a common administration. This is a result from the East/West-rivalry: obviously, the capital of the German Democratic Republic had to have a better zoo than the … Continue reading

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What I am missing out on

Currently, my work schedule is rather cramped, and my family demands a lot of time. Not that I mind the latter, having kids is great, and having another (due in less than two weeks) is even better. But it means … Continue reading

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More of “Dinopic of the day 1”

I posted a photograph of F33, a specimen of Plateosaurus engelhardti from the SMNS, and promised more. Here goes.   even more to come – this is really an amazingly well-preserved specimen!

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One sick dinosaur!

Yeah, I know, I promised not to repeat each and every new dinosaur find and story. But for the English-speaking world I believe I am before the wave, not after on this one. My colleagues Oliver Hampe and Florian Witzmann … Continue reading

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dinosaurpalaeo’s header

before you ask: The header (that’s the pic above all pages and posts on this blog) is – obviously – a dinosaur skeleton. But not just any dinosaur, and not just any skeleton. And certainly not just a photo I … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 2: Dicraeosaurus

A Sunday treat for you: This is a view that normal visitors can’t get: I took this picture from a first floor (for American: 2nd floor) window. The exhibition spaces are currently limited to the ground floor (1st floor for … Continue reading

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Kentrosaurus with David

David Maas ( and I are creating 3D animation sequences of Kentrosaurus. Dave has a new update here. I’ll have some things to say about the entire project soon.

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Dinopic of the day 1: guess what?

The Dinopics category will see irregular posts of pictures about which there is not much to say, or for which there is so much to say that I don’t have time at the time of posting. Here’s the first, decidedly … Continue reading

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It’s time to get this show on the road!

Greeeting y’all! And welcome all that da*n foreigners from other sciences! (kudos to Jeff Foxworthy) About a year ago I started the PE Blog for the world’s first fully electronic (and, btw, free for authors and readers!) palaeontological journal Palaeontologia … Continue reading

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