Dinopic of the day 10: AMNH Styracosaurus

As mentioned the AMNH has these horrible (but necessary) glass covers over most dinosaurs. They make it very trying to get good pictures without reflections all over. I remember waiting several days for a cloudy day to take this one:

Styracosaurus albertensis AMNH 5326, right lateral and a tad posterior view.

This wonderful fossil from the Red Dear River in Canada, excavated by the great Barnum Brown and A. Johnson in 1915, was prepared so that is can be shown upright, with both sides of the animal free of sediment. That’s why I can also show you a frontal view of the skull:

Styracosaurus albertensis AMNH 5326, anterior view of skull.

I really don’t want to get into the whole lumper-splitter debate on ceratopisans (read Brian Switek’s on the “death” of Anatotitan). Thus, I’ll here stick with the AMNH labels.

I have detailed shots at higher resolution of the entire left side of the skeleton, but these will have to wait until later.

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