Dinopic of the day 11: SMA beauties 1

When Hans-Jakob “Kirby” Siber re-opened the famous Howe Quarry near Shell, Wyoming, he did so in the secure knowledge that there was a lot of good stuff still in the ground. Today, some of that good stuff is on exhibit at the Sauriermuseum Aathal. My favorite among all of it is “H.Q.2.”. Here’s a panorama image of it, at 20% size. (Mike, quite drooling onto your keyboard, you of all people should know that it will ruin it. Email me for full size version and individual photos).

This post is to serve as a kind of appetizer for a full-blown description of the SMA. The place is full of good stuff, and there is the story of the Stegosaur Meeting to tell, too.


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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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4 Responses to Dinopic of the day 11: SMA beauties 1

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  2. Cary Woodruff says:

    Could you please send me a copy of H.Q. 2? I took loads of pics while I was there, but the light in that back corner made closer inspections hard to discern in many of them. Thanks!

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