Mammal pic of the day 6: giraffe galore!

The Berlin Tierpark has a large giraffe group, with regular F1s and F2s. Here’s some pics of them, because they are, after all, the longest-necked mammals. admittedly, compared to a proper long-necked saurischian such as a sauropod or some theropods, their necks are pudgy, but still…. here ya go:

Nothing “butt” giraffes. Compare to a proper archosaur butt and weep.

The young are cute – but who stuck the scrubber on the neck?

Yesterday, Deutsche Welle interviewed me (in English) on a recent paper on Tyrannosaurus rex  in PLoS ONE, by John Hutchinson and several colleagues, including my fellow “Dinosaur Digitizer” Vivian Allen. I thus had to speed read the paper, which until then I had only skimmed. Looking at the figures I remembered with a laugh how Viv and I had stood jaws agape in front of a mounted cast of that juvenile Rex at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The giraffe looks only very slightly less ridiculously long- and slender-limbed.

(btw: I have to admit that this interview was one of the rare cases of me meeting a competent journalist.)

But now for a proper giraffe mug shot:

and they say reptiles have ugly heads……. *confused*

Imagine this one as a wallpaper!

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