Dino pic of the day 12: More Edmontosaurus

Previously, I posted a nice lateral view of an Edmontosaurus skull in the Denver Museum of nature and Science. To start this post (which will get long for a Dinopic of the Day post) I here have another skull:

Skull of the Senckenberg Edmontosaurus mummy in left lateral view.

This is one of the three famous hadrosaur mummies found by the Sternberg family (father Charles, and sons Charles, George and Levi – why does wikipedia not have a page on Levi???). It was sold to the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, while the other mummy found at nearly the time place went the AMNH and was described as Trachodon. Here’s a few pics of it.

AMNH 5060 Edmontosaurus annectens.

Later, Sternberg senior found an even more impressive mummy. Sadly, it was involuntarily relocated to the ocean floor when a German submarine stopped and sank the ship that was supposed to carry it to its destination in Britain during WWI.

Here’s two more of the Frankfurt mummy.

and because it was fun to do, I stitched two pics together of the AMNH mummy. That one is really hard to take good pictures off, because as soon as you step a tiny bit away from the glass you end up having more refletions than fossil on the picture. Here’s the result:


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