Non-dinosaur beauties: the AMNH’s Alligator mount

Today, I have only one picture for you, but that one took quite some time to prepare. It is of the Alligator mississippiensis skeleton in the AMNH’s Hall of Reptiles. A really nice mount! Click through for the full size (7.16 MB).

This is a panorama image from 9 pictures. Inset you see the maximum size a total would give me. Good, because I have a good camera and lens, but not what I wanted. Thus the panorama. I used Hugin to stitch it, with automatic control point generation, and things worked flawlessly, because I had been careful to follow my rules for panorama photos. The 9 pics had a lot of overlap, so the total resolution isn’t that much bigger than the one-shot total. Sadly, the end of the tail disappeared behind some other mount, so I had to cut it off.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to Non-dinosaur beauties: the AMNH’s Alligator mount

  1. Hi Heinrich:
    These tips on photo preparation are invaluable! Thanks so much for sharing your insights with the paleo community. I, for one, greatly appreciate it!

  2. thabearrocks says:

    Hey there-did you take this photo? I’m not sure if you know, but a company in Toronto is using part of this image as advertising. If you already know about it and have given permission, great! If not, please email me and I will give further information.

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