The MFN exhibition: Sauriersaal’s Far Side

When I took my tripod to the Sauriersaal to take a Diplodocus panorama I used the opportunity to get good shots of the other dinosaurs as well. Here’s the Far Side of Diplodocus, dominated by Giraffatitan.

(click through for full size, 8.4 MB)

Giraffatitan is leading the sauropod group, with “tiny” Dicraeosaurus almost hidden by the spineless and fishy displays on the left (Jurassic fishes and invertebrates from Tendaguru, Solnhofen and a few other localities that match (roughly) the age of the Tendaguru finds), Diplodocus in the background. Kentrosaurus (barely visible behind the left forelimb of Dicraeosaurus) is sneaking up on them from behind. On the right Elaphrosaurus is hunting another stinkin’ ornithischian, Dysalotosaurus, whereas the Allosaurus cast has stuck its head into the next room. More on all of them soon.

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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