SVP day 3

Finally, I managed to find a place with free Internet access here in Vegas. It is already Day 3 of the SVP meeting, and things have quieted down for me. Day 1 was a zoo for dinosaur people, with both the big dinosaur session and Symposium 1 entitled “TO FINS, LIMBS, WINGS AND BACK AGAIN”. Obviously, it had a lot of talks on girdle and limb evolution, so that it was really interesting to me. Alas, SVP scheduled it at the same time as the dinosaur talks. OUCH!

In addition to this problem I was grabbed by some (very nice, I have to admit) press people soon after my talk. Then, there were some important things to discuss with colleagues…. and I missed the second half of the session. It’s OK, however, because most people had the same problem, so that everybody is explaining their talks to people who missed them all the time anyways. That’s normal for SVP, it just occurs a bit more this year. In addition to the scheduling problem some people got here late because of flight delays (I heard some real horror stories), others arrived late because “dinosaurs never are on day 1”. Oops! Altogether, I guess that most people missed 40% of the talks they wanted to see. This afternoon I will have to revive an SVP tradition that Brent Breithaupt and I started years ago in Denver: I will give a repeat performance of my talk for him. We had a good laugh at that.

I won’t go into all the interesting stuff I heard and saw here, partly because writing about ti would make me miss more good stuff, partly because the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology keeps telling people that they should respect copyrights. Quite so! It would suck if we would steal other people’s research! On the other hand, there are quite a bunch of press people here, who will obviously report on the talks’ content, and SVP themselves have placards up asking people to “Follow SVP on twitter”. Oh well! There will be a big post about my talk one of these days. For now, I’ll run off to a talk by Steve Brusatte 🙂

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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1 Response to SVP day 3

  1. Mike from Ottawa says:

    “There will be a big post about my talk one of these days.”

    I can’t wait. Well, actually, I can because I must, but I will be waiting eagerly!

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