Back from a great SVP meeting

Yesterday afternoon I came home from the 2011 SVP meeting in Las Vegas. The flight from Houston to Frankfurt was delayed, because some additional maintenance to the aircraft kept us on the ground for well over an hour. We had a good tailwind, though, and made Frankfurt in time for the connecting flight to Berlin. Unusually, my luggage arrived with me.

As usual, the meeting was way too large to even begin to attend all important or interesting talks. Some other folks have done a great job of describing some of the more interesting dino stuff, including Brian Switek at Dinosaur Tracking. I won’t duplicate anyone else’s post, and I’ll wait a few days for others to post – saves me some time.

My talk was rather well received. In fact, I was afterwards walking around waiting for people to whack the back of my head, but in fact all I got was pats on the back. The harshest criticism came (expectedly) from John Hutchinson. That’s one of the reasons he ranks so high on my list of great biomech people: he is never willing to accept something unquestioned, even if it sounds logical, he always comes up with reasons why something might not work that raise intriguing questions (i.e., his criticism is constructive, not destructive), and he is always willing to help finding answers to these questions. More on what exactly he had to say later.

Most other biomech people were easier to convince, and overall I got the feeling that my theory has no major flaw – unless one of the handful of the issues raised by John (and, independently, by some others) sinks it. We’ll test and see.

Enough for now; I’ll try to have a post on my talk ready tonight.

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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