Theropod Thursday 1: CMNH T. rexes

Over at Archosaur Musings my esteemed colleague Dave Hone has just published a series of posts on the Carnegie Museum of Natural History‘s (CMNH) Tyrannosaurs rex mounts. That’s stealing my thunder; I had a wonderful visit to the CMNH in April on which I intended to blog soon, and obviously wanted to include some nice pics of the Rexes. Aside from some nice totals, Dave’s pictures focus on the skulls, and so I can at least add a few odd views.

As I said before, unusual views are important, but often ignored. So here#s a butt view of “Jane” to go with Dave’s last CMNH Tyrannosaurus post.

I had very little time to check out the exhibition (more on why later), and in fact the guards were already kicking people out when I took this photo. Sorry for the blurriness. I was really in haste.

Here is a fairly standard view, but one Dave didn’t show: a fully lateral view of the hind limb of one of the mounted Rexes.

and that’s enough for Theropod Thursday!

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5 Responses to Theropod Thursday 1: CMNH T. rexes

  1. David Hone says:

    Hey man, sorry to have jumped you on this! Still, thanks for the back-links to my posts, very kind.

    • No worries! I was there in April, didn’t manage to post until now – who’s to blame you? 😉
      And you took better pictures. Running through the CMNH’s exhibition in 25 minutes is, well, really running, for the most part.

      btw, I see you upload bigger pictures theses days. Cool! 😀

      • David Hone says:

        Well the bigger photos are simply because I have generally faster loading times and since an upgrade on machine, actually lacked a program to shrink the images. So they’ve all been large for about 2 1/2 ears now I think

  2. Mike from Ottawa says:

    Ok, no offence intended, but I’m amused in a childish way by the coincidence of a picture posted here of a T rex’s heinie.

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