Wednesday Whine and Dinopic of the Day 17

“I have too little time!”

Currently, there is so much stuff I must do, so much I want to do, and so much I should do but can procrastinate a bit longer. OK, I am very adept at starting new projects that eat up my time, so part of it is my own fault. On the other hand, currently many things suddenly demand my attention after being dormant for half an eternity – why do they all have to come at the same time? And then new, interesting papers pop up…..

Anyways, I have several half-written, half-researched posts, but nothing I can finish quickly.  So for today you’ll have to be satisfied with a nice dinosaur picture:

A Utahraptor cast/model in your face, at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.


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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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5 Responses to Wednesday Whine and Dinopic of the Day 17

  1. Day-yum. Looks like that took some bones (tibia and ulna) and just slapped Deinonychus material next to them, resulting in swollen ankles, ultra-slim humerus and VERY thing metatarsals. Hilarious.

    • Indeed – there isn’t much of Utahraptor, and so they used scaled D. material for 80% of the mount. I have some pretty cool behind-the-scenes pictures, but those I can’t share without asking for permission first.

  2. JonMac says:

    Aren’t the ‘hands’ meant to be facing inwards?

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