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My SVP talk: Fast Forward Dinosaurs part 2

Previously, I explained in general terms what Alexander’s formula is and how you can (it was claimed) use it to calculate the speed of a dinosaur. Today, I’ll talk about the biomechanical modeling approach, then discuss some of the problems … Continue reading

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Mammal pic of the day 9: Hang on!

This young Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) barely hangs on at the Berlin Tierpark Friedrichsfelde.

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My SVP talk: Fast Forward Dinosaurs part 1

It is now high time I finally write up my own SVP talk. The title was a bit boring: Fast moving dinosaurs: why our basic tenet is wrong

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Fixing errors – the right way!

I recently heaped abuse and ridicule on the people at HarperCollins, when they goofed very badly on Greenland ice in the latest Times Atlas. Now, they have done the right thing and are publishing a correction. Details at Realclimate. Even … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 15: Find the flaws

I just noticed that I mis-numbered the last two entries in this category, so we go from No. 13 directly to No. 15. And to parallel my error you now get a picture with a major error in it, two … Continue reading

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Back from a great SVP meeting

Yesterday afternoon I came home from the 2011 SVP meeting in Las Vegas. The flight from Houston to Frankfurt was delayed, because some additional maintenance to the aircraft kept us on the ground for well over an hour. We had … Continue reading

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Dino pic of the day 13: more MFN Dicraeosaurus

Previously, I showed you a view from a first floor window. Here now a front view.

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SVP day 3

Finally, I managed to find a place with free Internet access here in Vegas. It is already Day 3 of the SVP meeting, and things have quieted down for me. Day 1 was a zoo for dinosaur people, with both … Continue reading

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