Predatory Open-Access Publishers?

In the course of the last two or so years I have received a lot of emails from publishers. With one exceptions, I have never heard of the journal and press before. For edited books it is the same pattern: emails from people I have never heard of, who work for publishers I have never heard of. All emails follow the same pattern: because I gave such a good talk / wrote such a good paper I am invited to publish a paper in a certain journal, or contribute a chapter to a book. And, gee whiz, it is all open access.

Hm, what’s that smell? Oh, THAT small again: dead, festering rat!

Each time I take care  to read the email in full. Some declare right away that I will have to “contribute an editing fee” or some such. Others don’t, but it seems my distrust is warranted: there is a new scam out there, the academic publication version of the Nigeria scam.

Links to read:

Bait-And-Switch Publishing: New Face Of Academic Fraud

Scientific Book Publishing: The New Nigerian Scam?

Beall’s List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers

Remember: there are many legit open access journals out there, who will publish your work for free (or for a reasonable page charge if it is very long), and there are legit commercial publishers who ask for a fee up front, publish in very high quality, with proper peer review, have good impact factors and are highly reliable. Head over to the Open Source Paleontologist (Andy Farke) for a list of journals with details, and Andy’s Cheers and Jeers (read the comment, too!).


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3 Responses to Predatory Open-Access Publishers?

  1. David says:

    I get heaps of requests to review bizarre papers from open access journals I’ve never heard of like “Universal Journal of Education and Research” or something like that. I’m directing these to spam now…

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