Paleonturology 2011

This morning, I received an email that triggered three different reaction in about 9 seconds: “Must be SPAM”, “Must be a practical joke”, and finally “WOW!

What’s this about?

I happen to have won a very cool award with my paper The digital Plateosaurus II: An assessment of the range of motion of the limbs and vertebral column and of previous reconstructions using a digital skeletal mount. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 2010, 55(3):433-458.

The price is called The Ninth International Award in Palaeontological Research ‘Paleonturology 11’. The press release is in Spanish only right now, but here is a babblefish translation of the beginning that I corrected a bit. Seven years of Latin help a lot in reading Spanish 🙂

Digital reconstruction of a Triassic dinosaur from Central Europe, Prize ‘Paleonturology 11’


The work has been chosen from 19 works of authors worldwide. The prize is equipped with 4,500 Euros and the publication with a divulging edition with the study in the collection `Fundamental! ‘.

The work of German investigator Heinrich Mallison, who shows the digital  and three-dimensional reconstruction of a Triassic dinosaur from Central Europe, has won the International Prize for Investigations in Paleontology, ‘ Paleonturology 2011′ , granted by Dinópolis, the Joint Paleontological Foundation of Teruel-Dinópolis and the Teruel Foundation ’21st century’.

The work ‘The digital Plateosaurus II: An assessment of the range of motion of the limbs and vertebral column and of previous reconstructions using a digital skeletal mount‘, of the Berliner Heinrich Mallison is the winner. Mallison has based the application of digitized three-dimensional models that permitted to analyze in detail the movement of the extremities and the spine of Plateosaurus, one of the dinosaurs best known to the world whose remains were found in Germany.[I know, this sentence is not correct, but I do not know the correct meaning of the original verb]

Here’s a figure from the paper

Fig. 4. Range of motion of prosauropod Plateosaurus engelhardti Meyer, 1837 using the digital skeleton mount of GPIT, from Trossingen, Germany. A. Lateral view of cervicals in neutral articulation, maximal dorsiflexion and maximal ventriflexion. B. Dorsal view of cervicals in neutral articulation and maximal lateral flexion. C–F. Dorsal vertebral column and ribcage in dorsal view in maximal lateral flexion (C), lateral view in maximal ventriflexion (D), lateral view in maximal dorsiflexion (E); air exchange volume determination (F). Pink ribs and dark green volume = exhaled volume, red ribs and translucent green volume = inhaled volume. See text for further explanation. G. Tail in lateral view, showing (top to bottom) dorsiflexion at 10° and at 5° per joint, neutral articulation, maximum ventriflexion. H. Tail in dorsal view, straight and at 10° lateral flexion. Length of cervical series 103 cm, length of dorsal series 137 cm, length of caudal series 261 cm. Anterior to the left in A–C and F–H, to the right in D and E.

It is the paper most famous (cough cough) for the take-down of previous reconstructions, especially the galloping on by you-know-who. However, I am more proud of the work behind Fig. 4F.

So what can I say but that I am very happy my paper pleased the jurors, and that I hope to deliver an excellent version for laypeople! That’s part of the whole idea, and in my view the most important thing we palaeontologists can do: explain how research, idea, method, failures, results and all, to all those interested, not just colleagues and nerds.

So, Fundación Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis: Thank you very much! 🙂

(maybe now my parents will finally accept that I am not all that bad at what I do)

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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6 Responses to Paleonturology 2011

  1. R. Gilbert says:

    Party at the Mallison house!!! I for one can say, without a doubt, that award winning author & investigator Heinrich is quite capable of delivering laypeople terminology on this matter. The proof is underway. Well done & deserved sir!

  2. Mark Wildman says:

    I remember watching you work on your Plateosaurus digital imagery at Bristol – it was awesome as you managed to carry on working on your laptop, while managing to listen to and critque the presentations – all at the same time! Congratulations Heinrich!

  3. Mike from Ottawa says:

    Congratulations, Heinrich!

    That coloured drawing is gorgeous entirely apart from its value in conveying information. I’d not noticed this paper before (having mined APP for trilobite papers and not paying attention to mere vertebrates at the time). One of the purposes of awards is often to bring attention to something folk might otherwise have missed and this one has done it for me. I’ve made a note in my calendar to read it tomorrow, because 2am is too late to read a scientific paper for fun!

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