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Being a very inexperienced blogger I have to admit that I basically “know nothing” about the so-called blogosphere. Every day I stumble across some blog ‘everybody’ knows – just not me! And there is so much great stuff out there, informative, witty, eye-opening, hilariously silly. So, from time to time, I will recommend a few of them to you.

Obviously, I do not need to tell anyone about Brian Switek’s blogs, especially Laelaps, or Dinosaur Tracking. SVPOW,the Open Source Paleontologist, TetZoo, Love in the time of the chasmosaurs – these and many others are extremely popular in the (vertebrate) paleo scene, and you can find links in the blogroll here.

Then, there are the Climate Science blogs I keep up with (Google reader is great!), and you can find a small selection in the blogroll, too.

However, I am constantly adding new blogs to my list, many of which are distantly or closely related to paleo. Primarily, that’s geological blogs – after all, I am a geologist first by training, a biologist second. One set of blogs I recently stumbled over are those of the American Geophysical Union. You can find a list here.

One I heartily recommend, especially because of the wonderful pictures, is GEORNEYS. Evelyn Mervine sticks to geology a lot better than I do to dinosaur palaeo, and she has some really nice posts up. I especially recommend her series Geology Word of the Week, a very nice way of reminding us dino nerds that there is a ton of geological language we have no clue of. But there are also some really weird things, like knitted dinosaurs!

Cool, also, for those who like me have an interest in archaeology, is this post. Go read it!

Also nice: magmacumlaude. (Yes, geologists are given to bad plays on words). See for example the write-up of NatGeo’s “How to build a volcano“.


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