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Theropod Thursday 4: left hanging in the air

Today, I’ll show you one of the coolest mounts of a theropod I have ever seen. The poor guy has been left hanging in the air a bit (and now I expect most of you already know what’s below the … Continue reading

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Predatory Open-Access Publishers?

In the course of the last two or so years I have received a lot of emails from publishers. With one exceptions, I have never heard of the journal and press before. For edited books it is the same pattern: … Continue reading

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So we fucked it up, all of it – and then some (very likely)

There’s a new study out by two Swiss researchers, Markus Huber and Reto Knutti, who try to nail down how much of the warming trend earth experiences is due to human contribution. Not being an expert on this stuff I … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 4: Bambi!

Today, I have no time to write a proper post, so I’ll just resort to THE CUTE!

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The MFN Berlin 1: Introduction

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, my host institution, is one of the Big Five natural history museums in the world. And whereas the other four on the list, the AMNH, NMNH, NHM and MNHN, are well known to most people … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 17: Long ‘pod post

Here comes a long post about a (sauro)pod. One especially for Mike T. warning: 12MB picture below 🙂

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Bloodbath part 1: More on EB’s catastrophic failure

So here is the promised bloodbath – at least as much of it as I can write down without suffering a stroke 😉

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Theropod Thursday 3: Run, even if you can’t!

Quite a while ago I promised to write some posts on the MFN‘s exhibition. Here’s one more snippet.

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