Theropod Thursday 8: Bambi!

Ok, ok, Bambiraptor.

I took this picture at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.

EDIT: THIS is Bambiraptor:

I accidentally named the following photo Bambiraptor when I edited it for the blog, it shows a different skeleton!

Check out that lifted foot claw!

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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5 Responses to Theropod Thursday 8: Bambi!

  1. Are you sure that’s Bambiraptor? It doesn’t match the skeleton at all (compare Hartman’s recon at ). I’d guess someone just tried to make a generic dromaeosaurid as Dromaeosaurus or Saurornitholestes…

  2. And a pelvis largely based on Deinonychus….

  3. to be honest, Bambiraptor is what it said on the sign. I have no idea what it really is.

    I saved the wrong photo over the correct one, then uploaded the one named “bambiraptor.jpg”. No wonder it is not Bambiraptor!

  4. thanks, Mickey and Jaime! Correct pic is up now.

  5. Oh, yes, there’s the little twerp … ooops, I mean “cute little fluffy, cuddly Bambi”! Ne’er hast a name given so much trouble…

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