Mammal Monday 10: Treecycling

After Christmas, German towns are soon full of Christmas tree waiting to be carted away. Most are simply treated as rubbish and end up in incinerator plants. Some, however, don’t……

Bezoar Ibexes reusing Christmas trees in the Berlin zoo.

OK, this is admittedly not true recycling, where you take something and after use turn it back into the same thing. This is, rather, a re-use. Or, more probably, these trees were never sold, and thus would have been destroyed unused. Thus, they are being used for the first time, but that’s still a lot better than just throwing them in the bin.

The other species I saw with Christmas trees was the Asian elephants, but I didn’t get a picture in time: a grown cow was throwing a small tree up and back with her trunk, as if she was trying to make it strike her butt from above. I watched three of four attempts from afar, then she succeeded(?) and stopped doing it.

In another zoo I once had a rather bitchy elephant attempt to throw trees at me. Luckily, the branches she grabbed always came off the trunk.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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