Stas Meshkov is NOT a thief, he says!

EDIT 5. Feb. 2912: I decided to edit this post to make it clear that very likely, Stas Meshov is not a thief, but accidentally took the content of my blog post and re-published it under his name. I have stricken some words below, and added new text in italics and green color.

EDIT 3. Feb. 2012: see comment by someone claiming he is Stas Meshkov below. I have no idea if this person is Stas Meshkov, and if he/she is telling the truth.

Someone has stolen accidentally copied without permission my blog post on using reference managers. He has re-posted the post without permission, and logged it under “Admin”. As I am no admin on that blog, in fact have nothing to do with it, that’s a straight and simple copyright violation.

The copy-post has since been removed – thank you, Stas!

The title of the blog says “Stas Meshkov’s blog”. Well, Stas, you made quite a mistake here! you’re a thief! A common thief – and a stupid one at that! Your blog is copied stolen together from many other places, and your blog site, running on WordPress software, has sent me pingbacks! Stoopid! LOL

Aside from stealing copying (by accident, he says, and I am willing to believe this) other people’s blog posts, Stas seems to be the same Stas Meshkov who is running a shady-looking (to me) business: SwiftDrops. Apparently, this business costs you between 47 and 67 bucks a month, and will do what exactly? Here’s the blurb portion of relevance:

to find EXACTLY the type of domain you’re searching for


that much money per months to search for expired domains? On the off chance that one might be available that happens to fit your business?

When you click the “Order” button, the site takes you straight to PayPal. No page showing what you are about to buy, no order confirmation, just right off to PayPal.

I tried to find out where this “firm” is registered. No luck on their pages. A google search got me nothing but their own pages in the first 200 hits. The server seems to be located in Houston, TX, at which point I stopped digging.

Now, what to make of this? Personally, I can’t help but say that this looks like a scam to me! Stay away!

I find this business venture suspect because, for example, I can’t find any physical contact address, no information where the company is registered, or in fact what the exact name is, who runs it, and so on. Stas, time to provide that information!

Stas offered to give me a free whirl of the program, many thanks – but no thanks! I have no use for an adandoned domain.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy working at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.
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9 Responses to Stas Meshkov is NOT a thief, he says!

  1. protohedgehog says:

    Hilarious how the first hyperlink goes straight back to your blog – what a fucking noob. I know there’s a lot going on about sharing information atm, but this just takes the biscuit! (or the piss, depending on how annoyed you are..)

  2. dmaas says:

    Have you sent a desist letter?

  3. dmaas says:

    Left a comment there using a scrap email account. Figure he’ll be selling it.

  4. meshkovst says:


    My name is Stas Meshkov. I run the blog for tesing the autobloging plugin, i did not have the goal steal your content. I was delete the article.
    If you know, how can I add a feature add the link to article in the wptweetbomb plugin – I will be glad to add that! My goal was not stealing the content without the link to author.
    I am sorry for situation, when plugin doesnt post link to article.
    About the swiftdrop – what is wrong there exactly? it works, and it is a normally project that helps to people to find the domain from auction with additional information that godaddy doesnt provide like PR, BACKLINKS, etc.

    Best regards.

    • I have no idea if you are who you say you are, but if you really are the person who runs, then thank you for removing the copied post.

      What’s wrong with swiftdrop? No idea what IS wrong, and I detailed what SEEMS to be wrong above: it looks to me like a scam, where you have people pay money for, well, what exactly?

      • meshkovsts says:

        It helps to find the domains on auction, if you can send me your email, I will send you a free log/pass for access to system, as a sorry for incendent. I really did not copy past acrticles, it is autoblog plugin, not I am not sure can I use it or no, before I read that it is a cool plugin that helps for SEO. I will try to find a feature – put a link to owner of article post, but I dont see that.

        • meshkovsts says:

          So, you know my email (I filled the form for comment) , send me a email, and I will send you a log/pass to the swiftdrop, so you will check it yourself. I belive it will be better then my description of the swiftdrop.

  5. meshkovsts says:

    sorry, I did not select Notify me of follow-up comments via email previously.

  6. meshkovsts says:

    I did not get your answer about the swiftdrop, i think it is not intresting for you.
    I have to ask you to delete the article, becuase I am a developer, and the fact that I installed the autoblog for test how it works (already deactivated the plugin) on the domain that I have bought on other my system dont mean that I am thief.

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