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How to………3: prepare a paper for submission

Recent events, in the form of papers I was asked to review and papers I had to style edit, have made it clear to me that, apparently, many people do not really know how to make a paper ready for … Continue reading

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Stained-glass fishes: the rest

Here’s the remaining 7 stained-glass windows with fish motives from the Berlin Aquarium. Enjoy!

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Theropod Thursday 8: Bambi!

Ok, ok, Bambiraptor. I took this picture at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. EDIT: THIS is Bambiraptor: I accidentally named the following photo Bambiraptor when I edited it for the blog, it shows a different skeleton! Check … Continue reading

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More stained-glass fishes

Here’s six more of the beautiful stained-glass windows depicting marine life at the Berlin Aquarium. another non-vertebrate one. The Aquarium has a pretty cool tank with jellyfish, which I will post about soon.

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Stained glass fishes

A rainy Sunday forced the wife and me to forgo the usual zoo visit with the kids, and head for the Berlin Aquarium instead (and what a sorry wikipedia page – added to to-do list). It is not a cheap … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 7: Spikey and the Thieving Theropods Gang

What better way to start regular 2012 posting that with exact dinosaurs showing their innate superiority?

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2011 in review, WordPress version

There I go plucking data from all the Stats pages, and a few hours later WordPress delivers it all preformatted and all. LOL There is one interesting difference between my hand-crafted summary and the WP one: According to the summary, … Continue reading

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