Plateo-bot 3

After I’d sent my initial critique and a request for more pictures of the Plateosaurus maquette to the company, artist Jeff sent me more pictures and a list of changes he had already implemented:

1.) I changed the number of toes on the ground and thinned the legs to look more birdlike.
2.) I positioned the feet as close as I could to center, our robots are heavy.
3.) I gave more mass to the stomach and tail and less in the arms.
4.) I made the tail more horizontal.

Here’s my reply:

Hi Jeff,

let me, first of all, reiterate what I wrote yesterday: it looks very Plateosaurus now!

No need to send a posterior view, I can see what I need to see from the pics you sent 🙂
Attached find
– the side view you provided with some remarks scribbled in:

  • the belly should come down a tiny bit, after all this is a herbivore
  • the base of the tail needs a bit of thickening for the caudofemoralis longus muscle (CFL). it really IS that huge! I’ll attach a paper, check Figure 4.5 for what’s usually done fro dinosaurs, and what the reality is in archosaurs. Your model is almost correct, just the very base of the tail needs a tad more CFL! I am very impressed with what you created so far!
  • the ankles of P. are way broader than thick; right now the model has them too thick. The width is very good!
  • personally, I would make the ankles a bit straighter, too.
  • you could adopt a much more curved neck, which looks a LOT livelier!
  • arms attach at the sides of the body. In front view, you put the shoulder joint in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. In reality, they should be at 4:30 and 7:30!
  • you can, if you want to, add more muscles to the upper arm. But that’s difficult to judge.

other stuff:
The contours as seen in top view are excellent! Very well done!
The track width looks good, I understand about having enough support for a heavy object. It is fine as it is now.
On the head, you have shallow depressions behind the eye. I don’t think that is correct, the fenestrae are there for the jaw closing muscles to bulge. Plateosaurus was, surprisingly, quite a biter. With the mouth slightly open they area should be flat, not concave, biting down the muscles should show up as convex areas. But I have never looked at this in detail….

In summary, I am very happy with what you created 🙂 Compare to the second pic I attach, my CAD model in side view. Two postures, one in osteologically neutral pose,the other posed for the animal looking around attentively.

There’s one thing that’s currently on my mind a lot: color! How do you intend to paint it?

and the pictures I attached:

Jeff set right to work – I’ll show you the results on the next post.

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to Plateo-bot 3

  1. Marc Vincent says:

    A very interesting series of posts! I look forward to seeing the next one and, indeed, the finished product…

  2. Steve P says:

    That model is going to be magnificent when it’s done…

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