Andy ups the ante

Andy Farke has made even more notes publicly available! Here’s his post to the Dinosaur Mailing List:

Following my post on Friday, I have uploaded original museum notes for
additional specimens of horned dinosaurs at the YPM and USNM. The data
include notes, measurements, descriptions, and more. As mentioned
previously, I hope that the data will be useful to researchers of all
stripes, and that this release will encourage other workers to post
their own datasets.

Taxa covered include: Triceratops spp., Torosaurus utahensis,
Brachyceratops canadensis, Pentaceratops sternbergii, cf. Centrosaurus
sp., and Ceratops montanus, among others. All of the data sets are
accessible from my author page on

So the YPM Torosaurus specimen notes previously published now get company! Awesome!

I wish I had some useful notes to scan and post! Most of my stuff is not written down anywhere in a format that makes posting easy.

And so that this is not another dry text-only post, here’s a photo of the two toy ceratopsians I bought for my kids today, Torosaurus and Triceratops (how fitting for the current con-(cera)topso-versy).

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