a preview of things to come

It’s be very quiet here because of my ten-day trip, during which I partly had no internet, partly spent whole days on the road, and partly was quite ill. Right now I am way too busy to write anything nearing coherency, so all you get is a few pictures as previews of the upcoming posts on my trip.

(no, this is no mistake or advertisement)

Porsche PR center … err, museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
(well done, David!)

Skull of Camarasaurus “E.T.” in the Sauriermuseum Aathal, CH
(well done, David and Mark!)

Charles of Lorraine in the Grand Place in Brussels
(well done, Steve!)

Comments are open for guesses 😉

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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5 Responses to a preview of things to come

  1. steve cohen says:

    The next to last picture is the statue of Charles of Lorraine in the Grand Place in Brussels.

    Hope you had a chance for some Belgian mussels and beer during the trip.

  2. dobermunk says:

    No one’s mentioned the Porsche PR center … err, museum?
    And Heinrich’s favorite Camatasaurus skull 🙂
    And the urchin’s in Aatal, right?

  3. dobermunk says:

    Aathal! [knock head]
    Porsche: the audio is mind-numbing. Every failure was just a preparatory step in the realization of intuitive grandness. Blech. The Mercedes-Benz Museum managed at least a more leveraged impression of historical relevance,

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