Brussels 2: an overview of the RBINS

A quickie, just because I am so happy that a nice person at sorceforge found how I could get my hugin to run again.

Here’s a panorama view into the main dinosaur hall of the RBINS‘s (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences) museum, made with (you guessed it) hugin.

and here is a view into the gallery that holds the Evolution exhibition, the opening of which I was able to attend during the EAVP’s special meeting for the Darwin Anniversary.

Some of the stuffed animals look a bit odd. In fact, there are a lot of odd stuffed exotic animals all around the museum. I guess those were made in times where the perpetrator preparator had only the hide to work with, and no pictures of the living animals. I’ll show some especially funny ones later.

Part of the museum is not that modern. Here’s one of many exhibits that are more old-fashioned:

Ungulates galore!


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