Plateo-bot 4: getting real

The Plateosaurus robot was finally going from maquette to the real thing (i.e., the full size model) when Robby Gilbert sent these pictures:

and, after a few minor corrections that I’ll gloss over here, off to casting

I made the rather unfunny remark that this looks more like a Russian cosmonaut than a dinosaurs, to which Robby quipped that they were calling him “Yuri”.

And we finally get to see the creator of this wonderful model, artist Jeff Matney! Seems he worked too well, and the monster came alive to catch and munch him 🙂

(no, it is not way too big, it’s perspective screwing with the camera. The model is at the upper size range of what Plateosaurus supposedly reached)

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to Plateo-bot 4: getting real

  1. himmapaan says:

    It’s looking absolutely wonderful.

  2. Mark Robinson says:

    Tantalisingly, in the photo of the warehouse, there are other dinosaur models in the background including, possibly, Spinosaurus at the extreme right. It would be a treat to be able to see some photos of these other less important dinosaurs at some time.

  3. Steve P says:

    Clearly the errors were webbed fingers, too few fingers, too many (externally showing) toes… those (clearly now corrected, based on the bottom photo) mistakes aside, its looking great!

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