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This is why you should digitize your fossils!

There’s a must-read post over at Anole Annals, describing micro CT of a specimen preserved in amber. Emma Sherratt also scanned a bunch of other specimens – and who’d-have-thunk-it? there’s skin impressions in the 3D shape of the whole soft … Continue reading

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Andy ups the ante

Andy Farke has made even more notes publicly available! Here’s his post to the Dinosaur Mailing List: Following my post on Friday, I have uploaded original museum notes for additional specimens of horned dinosaurs at the YPM and USNM. The … Continue reading

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Currently, I am in Brussels. Yeah, in Belgium. Eric Snively and I are taking a nice trip to a bunch of great places, and Brussels is our first stop. We arrived yesterday in a nice little rental car, an Audi … Continue reading

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Places I’ve been, dinosaurs I’ve seen 6: Dinosaur National Monument

My big 2003 trip around the Central US (previous posts AMNH 1, AMNH 2, Salt Lake City, Denver 1, Denver 2, SMA dig 1 and SMA dig 2) also took me to the Dinosaur National Monument. That place has changed … Continue reading

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Andy Farke sets a precedent

This is so cool; I hope it catches on: Andy Farke has just made his notes on the YPM Torosaurus specimens available for free to all! Here’s the Dinosaur Mailing List message announcing it: Andrew Farke Relevant to the … Continue reading

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