South Germany palaeontology – an ichthyosaur as preview

Pretty soon I plan to bombard you with a ton of photos of fossils from southern Germany – the stuff I grew up with, and that dominated the university museum I studied at, as well as many other places nearby.

Today, I have a preview for you: an ichthyosaur, Eurhinosaurus longirostris, from the Lias ε of Holzmaden. It is a 4.3 m long subadult, unusually preserved flat on its back. The photo is a panorama made from 26 individual pics, here as a preview at 1% full size.

It is exhibited at the urweltmuseum + steinbruch fischer (primeval world museum + quarry fischer [hompage German only, sorry]). This is the lesser known of the two quarries there, and I’ll be reporting a lot on both this and the museum across the road from it (literally!): the Urwelt-Museum Hauff! Anybody who knows anything about ichthyosaurs will recognize that name.

btw, here‘s the full-sized panorama, beware of a 6.8 MB jpg file.


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11 Responses to South Germany palaeontology – an ichthyosaur as preview

  1. steve cohen says:

    Nice panorama Heinrich; the detail is beautiful.

  2. yeah, I’m surprised hugin without(!) any fiddling did this well!

  3. steve cohen says:

    I downloaded hugin this week and have begun to play with it.

    It looks like there is more than enough user-control; I think I’ll like it.

    But it does run much slower than autostitch.

    • If you use the “Assistant” tab and “align” option, it DOES a lot more than autostitch does. No wonder it takes longer!
      For example, it will de-distort images for mosaic images (i.e., if you translated the camera between shots, instead of just rotating it). I found the longer wait (which is minuscule) worth the wait 🙂

  4. dmaas says:

    What scenario brings an Ichthyosaur (cough – h – cough) to die squatting like this? How squished is it?
    It seems like the guy just knew he was going to hang on someone’s wall some day.

    • Yeah, this is unusual! Often you find them on one side, but flat on the belly or back is rare. However, if it sank down with a slightly bloated belly…..

      and yeah, the spelling Nazis are out in force – I blame my spellchecker dictionary.

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