Another preview of palaeontology from southern Germany

I’m off to London again today, to tackle the forelimb of the giraffe. Expect more gory pictures….. Until then, here’s another preview of the upcoming series of posts on the palaeo I grew up with.

An ammonite “pavement” from the Lias α 3 in the SMNS. Yes, that is a railing around it, and a sturdy one: these ammonites are huge! 50 cm across is not rare.

And here is a picture Dave Hone unintentionally scooped me on: a diorama at the SMNS of the Muschelkalk sea of Germany. Mine is a panorama image from 6 or so pictures, so the resolution is a tad higher than in Dave’s – yell for full size pic in comments and I’ll email it.

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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