Mammal Monday 18 out of John’s freezer AGAIN! (+ non-gore pics)

If you think you’ve seen this before, you’re partly correct: you have seen these people, you have seen this individual non-human mammal, but you haven’t seen this body part yet. Today we finally started the giraffe hind limb dissection!

John and Sebastian hard at work. Things went very smoothly and quickly today, especially because we didn’t have to fight with cut-to-pieces muscles and all. The leg was in very good shape.

Below the fold there are some intact-and-living giraffe photos for those not into gore and blood. Including a baby one – cute alarm!

Young giraffe at Marwell Zoo – read Dave Hone’s write-up of our visit there last Saturday.

Two giraffes in the huge (20 acres?) Africa enclosure of Marwell Zoo, with a gratuitous rook for your viewing pleasure. And two galloping giraffes, same place. Note ostrich in background.

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2 Responses to Mammal Monday 18 out of John’s freezer AGAIN! (+ non-gore pics)

  1. David Hone says:

    Heinrich, do please put up all your galloping giraffe at some point, as you know, none of mine came out, and this is so rarely seen it’s be great to have the sequence

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