Marwell’s galloping giraffes

Someone was so enthusiastic about the galloping giraffes (well, I was, too) and asked I post them all because his didn’t come out. OK, I aim to please! Here they are in small size, merged into one multi-part image; I’ll gladly email the full-size versions to anyone interested. Oh, before you click “Continue reading”: the picture is 4.3 MB at small scale 😉


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12 Responses to Marwell’s galloping giraffes

  1. himmapaan says:

    Aside from wanting to go more than ever, I’m reminded of how impressed I was by the giraffe mounted in a galloping pose at Animal Inside Out at the NHM.

  2. dmaas says:

    /me wants to make an animation. That green might even key out well…. the lake won’t but…

  3. dmaas says:

    galloping, walking… got any of ’em swimming? 😛
    Just don’t hold me to a timeline!

  4. dmaas says:

    All of you guys together and you didn’t manage to herd them into the lake!?
    Isn’t the swimming giraffe thesis one of the last remaining mysteries?


    • David Hone says:

      Speaking as someone who has actually herded giraffes I can assure you that while it’s not that hard, you do actually need to be in the enclosure with them….

  5. Hello, we’d love to see these as separate images and mount them in a short video file.. please would you email them to Thanks!

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