Sometimes, it’s the little things…..

…that piss me off big time!

To give you a simple example: what had my blood pressure rising dangerously this morning was stupid program glitch that apparently is ages old and just never fixed. I tried adding generic (i.e., created in-program) bodies to a model in a Computer Aided Engineering program. It’s supposed to be a simple process.

  1. select menu “build”
  2. select “geometry” from it
  3. select the type of body you want (“sphere”, in my case)
  4. enter the desired radius in the dialog box, then click to place it (or just click&drag)
  5. rejoice because you successfully added a sphere that you can now reposition at will.

What actually happened is that I kept doing this, but no sphere showed up. Not even after I refreshed the model window by zooming or panning it. No sphere, me not happy.

Then, for some reason, I started the simulation and *golly*, there were fifteen spheres all over the place! AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little thing, big time loss today, cumbersome program handling in future. Not necessary at all – but hey, what can you ask of programmers who give away their work results for free?


Except that this program isn’t free. The academic license is over 10,000.00 Euros. Meh!



About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to Sometimes, it’s the little things…..

  1. dmaas says:

    And… be careful what you wish for. After complaining about a software that I use (‘cheap’ at 1500 Euro) they did something really sadistic… they added me to the beta team. Now I document and ticket bugs, file feature requests and argue for this or that workflow enhancement.
    (Actually, I’m quite happy as I get ‘my’ software functioning better. But it is interesting that this method of outsourced testing has become the modus operandi. It’s actually an exception that this software company offered a 50% rebate on the update as thanks. Most don’t even do that.

  2. Stu Pond says:

    I recognise this scenario. After spending the best part of an hour the other day working in my 3D app wondering why the hell everytime I tried to create an animation keyframe everything kept snapping back. Of course, it was because I’d inadvertently turned a tiny switch off at somepoint. I was going bonkers.

    The joy of 3D 😉

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