18 hours of sauropods – yay!

I’m currently in Bonn, at the 17th meeting of the Sauropod Research Group (FOR 533). That means sauropod talks and chat all Saturday, and half of Sunday. Heaven 🙂

For the occasion I’ll now simply post some sauropod pictures.

The MFN Dinosaur Hall, seen from the 1st floor windows. Giraffatitan brancai is hiding the Dicraeosaurus mount, and Diplodocus carnegii tries to look not too small next to the Tendaguru giant.

Diplodocus will serve as a shelter for Kentrosaurus aethiopicus in a minute.

A panorama view of the right side of Dicraeosaurus hansemanni.

A look into the bone cellar. “Ba” means “Barosaurus” africanus. l. Fe. obviously means left femur. In the back you can make out the largest Giraffatitan femur on the ground, with some digitizing equipment around it.

left foot of “Barosaurusafricanus. This one was found semi-articulated.

Oh, before I forget: there will be a really cool guest post on dinosaur palaeo this evening or tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to 18 hours of sauropods – yay!

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    *Predictable jealousy*

    That is all.

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