Mammal Monday 19: Mom’s advice for the stiff-necked

Today’s Mammal Monday is especially for Darren Naish of TetZoo, the “best ever spot on the web of all times” (he says).

‘If you really want to eat something but hay, you’ll have to learn the bend that stiff neck of yours!’

‘This is how you begin……..

….and then you can get at the yummy grass!’

(Note that giraffes usually use this posture to drink, but normally do not graze on grass!)

Images taken at Marwell Zoo during my visit with various colleagues.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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4 Responses to Mammal Monday 19: Mom’s advice for the stiff-necked

  1. eotyrannus says:

    Nice narrative (though ruined by the fact that the grazing giraffe we saw is not the same individual as the mother shown at the top). And thanks for the honourable mention 🙂

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