RBINS: the rest

Previously, I showed you an overview and a look at the inguanodons in the RBINS, as well as some photogrammetry play on their T. rex mount, and some of their other dinosaur. Oh yeah, and the whales. Today, I just want to throw the majority of the remaining photos into a post, because I have very little time. But I can’t let you suffer through another post-free day here, can I? 😉

Aside from dinosaurs, there’s a bunch of other mounted skeletons of extinct stuff, like a Dimetrodon. It is part of a little display that explains “what is a dinosaur?” and “what is NOT a dinosaur?”. A great idea, and much needed! Inf act, it says “These are not dinosaurs” in four languages right behind the D.

Obviously, I shot the hell out of it, to throw the results at my computer for photogrammetry.

Given the fame of the Bernissart inguanodons, the by-catch from that excavation is often forgotten. it is pretty neat, though, and has archosaurs to boot! Here’s one:

Bernissartia fagesii. Sorry for the first pic, glass and lights make for very difficult photography (see, this is not exclusive to the NHM!).

B. is pretty small, the specimen above some 65 cm long. But Big Brother was watching……

A 2m long specimen, used to be assigned to Goniopholis simus, but seems to be a distinct species (genus, if a splitter gets his or her hands on it).

The gallery on evolution has some very pretty fossils, too, including mounted skeletons of early whales and “killer birds”.

Special dp (dinosaurpalaeo) points to anyone who can tell me the taxa with certainty – I looked for labels but didn’t find them. Some more from the same gallery:

a nautilid.

a meganeurid (see Meganisoptera on wikipedia)

Nipadites (a fossil coconut).

Now let’s head over to the extant invertebrate gallery: old, dark, dank, but didactically well done and with a colorful display of shells.

the stuffed mammals will have to wait for a later post.


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4 Responses to RBINS: the rest

  1. irmislab says:

    How can you call Bernissartia and Goniopholis “by-catch”?? They’re the stars of the show – way more important than those boring ornithopods.

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