Marwell zoo rook pr0n

still too busy for anything proper here, thus simply a number of nice extant theropod photos taken at the Marwell zoo: Rook pr0n.

Rooks are a species of the genus Corvus, and exhibit a range of interesting behaviors (see e.g. this youtube video of a crow using cars as nutcrackers). They, and other crows and ravens, are highly intelligent. But they obviously also need to perform the usual stuff, like fly, eat, procreate. At the Marwell zoo, we witnessed the latter, sadly at a distance that made it hard to shoot good photos. Please excuse the not-quite-crispness.

These photos are cut-outs at full size, so I can’t offer better versions even via email. SORRY!

Balance! Balance is the key!

Whoops! Someone wants a threesome?

and someone else is definitely NOT happy with that idea….

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