Mammal Monday 21 was here, too!

Much as the last Theropod Thursday, this post will not feature an animal, but rather its trace. Photogrammetrized, obviously.

All of five photos went into this! The tire track is by our stroller, btw. Must have been a pretty big dog, judging by the size of the print and the depth. The animal was walking, but made quite a dent in the wet sand, so it was not a BigFoot-poodle, but a heavy breed. Here’s a lateral view of the model.

Note the lifted sediment behind the print!

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to Mammal Monday 21 was here, too!

  1. SanSaurio says:

    Amazing! Look at the displacement ring in the heel area, and the deep in the digits!
    Is it a manus track?

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