Theropd Thursday 18 is from the Big Apple

I’m glad to report that I have converted dinosaurpalaeo reader and AMNH fossil explainer Steve Cohen to the use of hugin. Here’s the famous jumping Deinonychus mount in a panorama created by Steve. He’s gotten really good at handling the program 🙂

click through for full size.

Many thanks for letting me use this, Steve!

This mount to me epitomizes the change in how dinosaurs are seen that it usually termed the “Dinosaur Renaissance”. Triggered by Ostrom, Bakker and others, it pulled them out of the swamps, out of the lazy slow and cold-blooded camp, and put them in the air, too!

Now compare the AMNH Dinosaur Halls, renovated 1994-96, to the NHM, renovated in the 1980s. Add the few years to a different attitude in the people who designed the exhibits and you get massively different results.

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