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EAVP 2012 dinosaur track field trip

Yesterday, I went on the 1st Field Trip to various dinosaur track sites. It was a very nicely organized trip, and I’d like to thank the organizers Alberto Cobos, Rafael Royo-Torres and Francisco ‘Paco’ Gascó (and anyone else I missed) … Continue reading

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EAVP 2012 field trip

Today I’ll go on a field trip to Jurassic track sites. I’ll try go get nice photographs, but we will likely be there at the wrong time of day, lacking the low-angle light that makes the tracks easily visible.There recently … Continue reading

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EAVP part 4

Today is the last day with talks at EAVP 2012, including mine. It’s going to be a rather boring affair, as I will talk about the problems with range of motion analyses on fossils.The rest of the session and the … Continue reading

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Thursday Theropod 23: shore beauties

This is a prepared post for while I am at the 2012 EAVP conference in Teruel. What are you looking at, hu? Black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) sceptically looking at the weird ape wriggling around on his belly on the beach. … Continue reading

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EAVP part 3: talks, talks, talks

Yesterday was packed choke full of talks, with the organizers having a good hand in how they mixed the sessions: each session had at least one interesting talk for everyone, so nearly all participants stayed for all sessions. There was, … Continue reading

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Some geo-architecture in London

pre-scheduled; I am in Teruel for EAVP meeting. Last time, it was plants. This time, it’s fossils! OK, it’s just a tube station, but what a tube station it is 🙂

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EAVP 2012 part 2: more of Teruel

Today, Matteo and I spent some time exploring Teruel. Yesterday, I’d not taken my camera with me when we went to have dinner with colleagues, and regretted leaving it at the apartment pretty soon. The evening light was quite beautiful. … Continue reading

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