More RBINS Photogrammetry

Recently, I posted the RBINS T. rex mount ‘Stan’ as a photogrammetry model. Here’s another mount as a LOW-res photogrammetry model. I didn’t edit this at all, except for cutting away the surroundings and some of the foreground artifacts.

It’s calculated from 116 photos, one of which was obviously misaligned, so I deleted it. The model has ~3.4 million polygons, and a LOT of obvious artifacts. These are mostly caused by the windows behind it, which are hung with white drapes. The program has a hard time making sense of the scene structure for such things.

Also, this is roughly a 300° view, as I could not get between the mount and the wall behind it. The forelimb close to the wall is incomplete, and the right hind limbs is also not very HQ. Still, considering that calculating this from the aligned photos took about 5 minutes it’s a very good model.

Good enough, at the very least, to measure major dimensions, to calculate the volume of the trunk, and so on.

Can you tell what dinosaur this is? Below the fold is a photo of the mounts, and the answer.






Maiasaura peeblesorum (cast).

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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