Mammal Monday 25: Big lion is watching you

I took this picture a while ago at the Tierpark Berlin, in their Alfred-Brehm-Haus that houses the Big Cats (and some small) . It has two indoor-areas built from rocks, which can be connected to many of the cages. This way, many animals can alternately share the same larger enclosure. You don’t want a big catfight between your tigers, after all, or lions.

And here’s a few shots from the outside enclosure. Again, lots of rocks to form the wall and structure the enclosure, and a moat to keep the animals from going after the visitors. And sturdy metal bars….. Overall, it is a very safe system of setting up enclosures, and lets the visitors get close to them. But if has the disadvantage of placing them above the animals, which I do not really like.

These are, by the way, not your common run-of-the-savannah lions, but Asiatic lions (Panthera leo persica), recognizable by the long tuft of hair on the tail tip and, in the males, a tuft of hair on the elbow.


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