Just hangin’ ’round….. and a surprise ending

Recently, I complained that most non-avian reptiles just hang around lazily all day, so I tend not to photograph them. Well, that hanging around thing is also true of many mammals…. Some examples below the fold.

Lar gibbon (Hylobates lar).

More lar gibbon.

OK, now for some less literal hanging around.

Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) with calf, trying to stay out of the rain.

Sichaun takin (Budorcas taxicolor tibetana) – I’ve never seen one of the do anything but lie around or stand around.

Przewalski’s horse (Equus ferus przewalskii): midday rest. Not that’s been doing much in the morning.

and finally, Bos taurus or maybe Bos primigenius taurus, the version of Highland cattle.

Ok, obviously there’s little to do for zoo animals, and thus the tendency is to just while away the day. On the other hand, sometimes, there’s a lot of activity to see. Go to the same zoo twice – same animals, same time of year, same time of day – and you can end up with booooored critters hagin’ ’round one day, and a huge amount of activity the next, including fighting, courtship, playing, and so on. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not. At Marwell zoo Dave, Darren, Sebastian and I were lucky to see a lot of animals moving around, especially the zebra mares fighting (check out Dave’ post; I’ll post my pics later). Last weekend, at the Tierpark Berlin, most mammals were quite lazy, although I did get a bunch of nice pics of some running around (for a later post).

However, mammals may not do much all day in the zoo – crocs beat them down pat at that game. Check this:

and to prove that this is not just a doctored photo, here’s the mesh file as a PDF: croc (caution, 21.8 MB!).


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10 Responses to Just hangin’ ’round….. and a surprise ending

  1. Evan says:

    that alligator scan is awesome! I didn’t realize that one could embed a 3D object into a PDF. Awesome stuff. I really need to test the waters of this photogrammetry stuff already… oh the possibilities!

  2. Stu Pond says:

    Brilliant. For a start, I really love gibbons. Secondly, I really love photogrammetry.

    Love the croc image, although I can’t get the pdf to display for some reason (might be the reader I’m using so will have a go with Acrobat later.

    Crocs make good subjects for this as they are quite motionless for periods of time. That gibbon might prove more of a challenge 😉

    Hmmmm – Berlin has a good zoo I seem to remember. We might try to get there when we’re over for DigitalFossil.

    • the PDF is fully interactive; I doubt anything but Acrobat will work perfectly.

      Berlin has two zoos, both very much worth a visit. I can get you in for freeeeeeeeeee…….. 😉

      • Stu Pond says:

        Thanks Heinrich – I might well take you up on that offer.

        Got the pdf open in Acrobat and it’s superb. I’ve never tried saving a file as a pdf, or photogramming a live subject. Great stuff.

  3. dmaas says:

    Now all we need is super-slomo photogrammetry. 🙂
    thinks; probably doable with multiple video cams.

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