Sneak-a-peak: MfN mammal collection

Today, just a few photos from the MfN’s mammals collection. It is in a state that’s very likely unchanged for 50 years at least, and some things haven’t changed at all since the day the museum moved into the building. Soon, however, there will be a major renovation – yay! Better protection for the specimens, better working conditions, and also parts of what are now collections rooms closed to the public will become accessible.

Whale skulls, antlers, elephant skeleton.

Looking the other way from the same spot (which means that you miss out on the mounted(!) giraffe skeleton on the floor) we can see a mounted whale. Yes, the MfN still has some whales mounted, and one of them will go back on exhibit. Used to be the whales were shown in the main hall, but they had to make way for the Tendaguru ‘Brachiosaurus‘ (i.e., Giraffatitan). Good call, if you ask me – but they should have been put on display in other parts of the museum!

Here’s a view of the main hall in ~1930, stolen from Ilja Niewland’s blog (go read his post!).


OK, more mammals:

some stuffed stuff, in a stuffed-full room with a stuffy smell…..

and some things look decidedly…. shall we say “odd”? Like this elephant skull incongruously sitting upright next to the window. Note the blinds – collections must be protected from sunlight.

The bulk of the specimens stored in this room (the mammals collection has many) are, however, antlers, or rather antlered skulls. And horned skulls.

and apologies to a certain lover of hooves from London for the dearth of them, and the plethora of skulls. 😉


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4 Responses to Sneak-a-peak: MfN mammal collection

  1. Let the mammalification of Heinrich continue! 🙂 Heinrich Mammalson?

  2. protohedgehog says:

    I never realised German people had such blurry faces..

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