A few pictures from Crete for a quiet Saturday

I’ve not posted much the last few days. The reasons are legion, but the looming EAVP meeting (need to finish talk), finishing touches for a paper, and generally being overworked have contributed. Add to that the football games every evening, which I do not plan to watch but invariably end up watching….. and there are too many things to do around the house, too.

Anyways, here’s a few nice pictures to fill the gap a bit. As it will be EAVP 2012 starting Tuesday, some photos from the field trip of EAVP 2011 are appropriate.

The meeting took place in Heraklion, on the Greek island Crete. I’m hard pressed to think or a place that combines more European history, natural beauty and Mediterranean charm! It is also populated by very friendly people – although if I was to travel there now I’d wear my Merkel – Οχι, Ευχαριστω! T-Shirt (or this one), to make sure I get the normal, friendly reception.

The field trip I attended took us to the Katharo plain in the Dikti mountain range. There was a first stop Late Pliocene fish site, then we drove up into the mountains. We had to switch buses, because the big bus couldn’t make the tight turns, and the small bus had to take us up in relays. So there was time for a coffee or soda in a café. I didn’t take any pictures until after that stop, because my stomach did not agree with the previous day’s dinner. I managed not to puke on the bus, but once free of it……

Anyway, I felt better and started taking an interest in the landscape. Much of Greece is dotted with whitewashed buildings on steep slopes – not that the Greek have many alternative to this style of building.

I forgot the name of this place, sorry.

Once we got to the plateau, where at an elevation of some 1100 m it was noticeably cooler, we started a short hike to the fossil locality we had come to see. It took us between fields and meadows, with large numbers of common and rare flowers all around. It being mid-June meant that everything was still green and fresh – in August I guess the dominant colours would be brown and yellow. Some fields had already been harvested, though.

Allium nigrum

We soon came upon a stream full of tadpoles in the process of growing tails and frogs with tail remnants. Let’s play Find-the-Frog:

Echium italicum, I guess. This plant happened to be visited by a bee right when I was fiddling with my camera to get a good shot of some of the flowers.

and some more tadpoles, before we get to the fossils.

and here we go: a stinkin’ mammal to be sure, but still kinda neat: a Pleistocene hippo!

Enough for today, I gotta hold some fossil and plant pics back for tomorrow 😉


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